I grew up in the mountains of Caimito Alto, Puerto Rico. It took all four years at NYU to get through the culture shock of moving from the tropics to the skyscrapers. The Bronx is home now. I'm an actor, and writer. Often compared to Stephanie Beatriz's Rosa (LOVE HER!), my dream is to be a series regular on a dope cop show comedy a la Mysteries of Laura or Brooklyn Nine Nine. 

Things I love: Dogs. Food. Yoga. 

Things I like: Crosswords. Little cafés. Dope sneakers. 

Things I don't like: Bullies. Cold weather. Scary movies.

My husband, Mike Mihm, is an actor as well. We frequently work together. Hire us both, save on housing! ;)

© 2015 by Sol Marina Crespo. 

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