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I don't own a mirror. I have to selfie my way into an outfit.



Mahalo Hawai'i


Wakanda forever...

I nailed my set that day

I woke up like this.

When your on vacation but that sweet V/O gig comes through...

The incomparable Krystel Ivannie.

Pain in the Aztec cast Written by John Leguizamo and Stephen Chbosky. With Flaco Navaja, Joel Perez, Chad Carstarphen, Caridad de la Luz, Jesús Martínez, Rosal Colón (not pictured) and yours truly.

Tisch Gala.

Proud Tisch Alumna. Also, they have all my money.

Cast of Neon Baby

Cast of Neon Baby


wearing a Catherine Malandrino for music video produced by Boxerbabe. If I name drop enough, you won't notice my non-hair.

Always be camera ready.

Honored at the HOLA Awards with Sonia Manzano aka Maria aka the only role model on TV a young Latina had for a very looooooong time.

Matt Murumba, everybody.

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