"Sol Crespo gives a truly remarkable, deeply felt performance; it's impossible to take your eyes off her."

-Ted Hoover, City Paper 

"Ms. Crespo is particularly effective at showing her character's hidden depths." 

-Andy Webster, The New York Times 

"At first, the most troubling is madder than hell Paulette (Sol Crespoterrific in a volatile role)..."

-Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"There is a bold practicality to both characters, but as Lore, Sol Marina is notably solid as she helps keeps Zelia grounded."

-Theodore P. Mahne, Times-Picayune 

"Most of the actors seemed like they were acting from the neck up with the exception of the earthy, vibrant presence of Sol Marina Crespo as Mindy." 
-Julia Lee Barclay 
"Sol Marina Crespo lent nuances to what might have nearly been comedic relief...by revealing her concern even as she delivered feisty rejoinders"
-Jen Gunnels, The New York Review of Science Fiction

"Sol Crespo is the standout performance"


"Crespo’s dual roles, Inés and Florez, were distinctly different. Her Inés was a nuanced bridesmaid with love, fears and foibles, and her Florez was deliciously amusing (that tassel though)."

-Michael Buzzeli, 'Burgh Vivant 

“She showed an uncanny ability to nail the comic sensibility of the story, which involved simultaneously conveying humor and pathos. Great comic instincts, through which real humanity shone.”

-George Saunders, writer Sea Oak

"Sol M. Crespo employs great range in multiple roles, from serious to zany."

-Stuart Sheppard, Pittsburgh City Paper 

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