Vocals: Alto, Good at harmonies

Training: BFA Drama, NYU

Location: NYC

Local hire: PR & PA 

Valid Passport

Driver's License



New Amsterdam            Recurring         NBC/ Dir. Various 

Tell Me A Story                Co-Star             CBS All Access/ Dir. Adam Davidson 

Sea Oak                            Co-Star             Amazon/ Dir. Hiro Murai


Stage Five                           Sup.            Pearl Prods./ Dir. Phoebe O. Pearl 

Unsane                               Sup.            Bleecker St/ Dir. Steven Soderbergh

Old Maid                            Lead           Tusitala Pictures/Dir. Gus Schulenburg

El caballero                        Lead           Saint Pictures/Dir. Xavier Santiago



Spanish: Fluent

Portuguese: Conversational 

French: Basic

​Accents & Dialects: Spanish (Latin America & Caribbean, Europe), New York (Brooklyn, Bronx), Eastern European. 

Off Broadway Theater 

Pain in The Aztec             Tolima                 Tony Taccone, The Public

365 Plays in 365 Days     Ensemble            Jorge Merced, The Public
Palabra de mujer             Ensemble           Miriam Colón, PRTT

Dancing...                          Ensemble           Rosalba Rolón, PRTT

Other NY Theater

In the Line           Leanne                  Kristen Horton, Project Y 

Salvage                Noma                     Heather Cohn, Flux Theatre 
Ajax in Iraq         Sickles, Chorus     August Schulenburg, Flux Theatre 
Wizard of Oz      Glinda                     Jesse Myerson, Full of Noises 
Closer                  Anna                      Veronica Caicedo, La Tea Theater 
Andromache      Hermione              Jesse Myerson, Full of Noises

Kennedy's Children     Carla                  Miguel Alcalá, DUO Theater 

Jane the Plain     Lexi the Sexy         Kelly O'Donnell, Flux Theatre 

Neon Baby          Jezebel                   Jorge Merced, Pregones Theater 

Regional Theater 

Excellent with harmonies

Great with children and pets

Can drive 14ft. box truck

Sports: Running (Cross Country & Track), Boxing, Yoga

Dance: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata. Pop. Hip Hop. 

Teaching artist

Heidi Marshall On Camera Part 1&Part 2 

Scott Wojcik On Camera Commercial Audition 

Kristen Linklater Inst. Natural Voice 1 

LAByrinth Theater Master Class 

Danza Nacional de la Habana Contemporary & Folkloric Dance 

Training & Education

Azul                                 Lore/Nena        Estefania Fadul, Southern Rep 

Peribáñez                       Inés, Florez       Karla Boos, Quantum Theater

Water by the Spoonful    Odessa           Ricardo Vila-Roger, PittStages 

Brewed                              Paulette         Steven Wilson, No Name Players

© 2015 by Sol Marina Crespo. 

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