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Who is Sol?

Made in Puerto Rico. 

Grown in the Bronx. Based in LA. 

Sol Marina Crespo's favorite thing about being an actor is her favorite thing about being a writer: the development/rehearsal process. She loves brainstorming and worldbuilding with like-minded artists. She imbues her characters with subtext and complexities so they jump off the page, and because of her training in physical theater at NYU, she’s able to approach the work from the inside out and outside in. As an actor, Sol has worked with artists such as Steven Soderbergh, John Leguizamo, Tony Plana, Rubén Blades, and Miriam Colón, and she's been featured on HBO, Hulu, Amazon, and NBC among others. As a writer, she’s been commissioned by Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater and Flux Theatre Ensemble. Sol is always ready with wit, stories of culture shock, and dad jokes aplenty.


The Latest

You can watch "Public Service" at PitchHer Productions. 


The latest


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Sol Marina in Water by the Spoonful)
Water by the Spoonful, PittStages
"Sol Crespo... gives a truly remarkable, deeply felt performance; it's simply impossible to take your eyes off her.”
-Pittsburgh City Paper
Sol Marina Cresps in Salvage
Salvage, Flux Theatre Ensemble
“Ms. Crespo is particularly effective at revealing her character’s hidden depths.”
 -New York Times

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Teaching & Coaching

Sol's Philosophy

"It is imperative that an actor develop a process so as not to be limited to an external validation loop. A process gives you the go from one take to the do 8 shows a bring yourself fully to an audition with less than 24 hours notice. A non-dominant approach to acting offers a holistic way to explore and deepen your access to expression." 

Coach with Sol

Whether you are prepping for an audition, need some script analysis help or want to let go of the tech and come in and play-- I've got you covered. Virtual or Studio sessions available. I have been coaching for 7+ years with no signs of stopping. Come work with a working actor!

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What they're saying

"Sol's writing has a natural whimsy to it. We immediately fell in love with the line she walks between reality and quirk - her characters have this believable (and ultimately quite touching) relationship infused with hilarious banter."

Caitlin Morris, Producer PitchHer Productions

Highlighted Commissions 

Pitch Her Productions
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